About women’s avenues

Women’s Avenues is a what-women-need website with an ecommerce platform designed to make women’s lives easier. As women, we face difficulties to be ourselves with no restrictions. What Women’s Avenues offer to women is a safe space that allows them to achieve their possibilities and be as productive and free as they dream to be. It is a place that celebrates girl power and aims at empowering women all over Egypt to break the stereotype.


It all started when I needed to buy some stuff I didn’t find online and couldn’t leave my baby alone at home to go out. I felt lonely, unheard, and frustrated. This is what sparked WA’s idea in my mind, the need to be heard and taken into account. I felt tired while raising a family, working to stabilize a business, and studying for degrees and I needed a shout out. I realized that all women deserve a shout out for all the struggles they put up with to be able to do the most ordinary things, like working, raising families, studying, pursuing a career, or keeping a hobby. So I decided to do it, and here we are.

Our approach

We aim to empower women and achieve a healthy feminine community through the push and support Women’s avenues offer to women. On our platform, we offer all sorts of help and advice through our dedicated writers and professionals, we also welcome all sorts of experiences offered to be shared with us. We provide an online market for all the businesses and services women offer. No matter how large or small, we support it! Our ultimate goal is to offer a safe spot for women all around the world, where they can be heard and offered the help they need.


We studied the market and what it offers to women, as well as what women need and miss in the Egyptian society. We arrived to the conclusion that we need a single platform that offers unconditional support. On which we can display our products and offer our businesses if we are business owners, and shop if we need to. We need a feminist community that allows us to freely be and discuss our concerns with no worries. We merged both needs and created Women’s Avenues to be a shelter for all women out there.

Our Team
Nadia Elsrgany
CEO & Founder
Omar El Sergany
CTO & Co-Founder
Nermine Mahmoud
Head of content creation
Mohamed Taher
Art Director
Dalia Mahmoud
Digital Manager
Ahmed Reffaey
UI/UX Developer
Yasmeen Tareq
Web Developer
Abdelrahman Gomaa
Web Developer
Mai Hassan
Public Relations