We tried to think of what might concern you and we came up with the following list of questions. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to get back to you.

Why Women’s Avenues?

We created women’s avenues to give every woman a push to be herself, and to set her life in the right direction. By working on supporting and aiding her through our articles and tips, and by giving her an outlet to display her products or offer her service if she’s a business owner who needs a kick-start.

How can it help me?

By following our articles you would find all the support you need in all the aspects of your life, you can also post your question and concerns and we will help you reach an expert who can help you. By posting your service/product on our website we will advertise it for you, and handle the logistics (if possible) regarding the orders you get from our website.

How can I make sure the information on the website is accurate?

We always add our sources to our articles. You can easily find it and check it to be sure.

How can I join the writers?

By sending your articles to nermine@reflections-ibs.com. You will receive an e-mail approving or disapproving your work (in that case you would be told why). The articles you send will be published the following month. In case of any edits you will receive a list of the edits and why it should be applied.

Do I have to be a professional writer with experience to write with you?

Not at all. You only have to be a smart and talented writer. If you have prior experience that would definitely be a plus.

How can I apply my service/product?

By sending your portfolio to dalia@reflections-ibs.com. With a brief description of the service/product and the history of your business. You’ll receive an e-mail or a call with the details in case you’re approved. If disapproved you’ll be told why.